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My tours are personal at a max of 6 people and unique as I share my local knowledge of the Sitka Sound area. On my tours you will be able to "get away" being surrounded by thousands of people all day on the cruise ship and at port, which can be stressful.

My goal is to share my home of Sitka by the Sea with you in a way that makes you want to move here. When you are in Sitka you must get out on the water, this is the best way to experience all the best aspects of Sitka.


All Tours start at $150 for a 2.5hour experience. You can add more time on at $100 per hour.

Additional costs -

           Customers 16yrs and older will need a 1 Day Sport Fishing License at $25 for the Crab Tours.

           This license can be purchased from Kenyatta, as a license vendor.



Crab tours are my specialty, this is the premiere tour. We will bait, set, and pull 3 pots locally while enjoying wild life and scenery. The pots will soak for 2 hours while we either look for whales or drop a line in the water to jig for fish.





Sitka is home to many different species of fish. You'll have an opportunity to catch some Rockfish while we wait for the crab pots to soak.  This will be a great addition to your Alaska experience.

Salmon Fishing is additional

$150per person





Humpback whales live in Sitka Sound year around. I can guarantee that we will see them. I approach their feeding ground and turn my engine off so we can hear the sound of the ocean and the breathing spouts of the whales. It is impossible to describe how peaceful and relaxing this is.



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